The Ciampini brothers have set their mark again in midtown Toronto, a place they call “home”.  Taking over the once popular Chick n Deli spot they are bringing back the vibe of Live Rock with a Saucy menu to boot… MEET SMOKE SHOW BBQ

The brothers have 30 years industry experience under their belt bringing us the likes of Taboo, Spacco and Alleycatz.  A couple of years ago they were in the mindset for something different, something that set the tone for where life is now and their love of BBQ.  Bring in Executive Chef Mike Skan.  Once a mainstay at Alleycatz ventured off to do something on the side, a food truck dedicated to “The Smoke”.  An idea and concept were born and now has come full circle.

Walking into 744 Mount Pleasant has a brand-new ambience from what the restaurant name might suggest.  A completely open space with smoky charcoal walls and warm lighting to set the mood. A renovated long bar (seats 15) with dark marble top is set against one full wall.  Behind the bar are perfectly balanced beehive honeycombs with glassware and bottles. Rustic elements in several key spots around the peek-a-boo kitchen; wooden high-top tables; and a few strategic placed adornments say “Country”.  Two comfortable elevated areas, with regular seating are perfect for those coming with big parties and want an area for their own.  The overall décor flows well and feels like a cozy classic lounge.

Now, let’s think backyard… BBQ… with family and friends because that is where this menu is going to take you.

Start off with their version of Crispy Pork Belly, caramelized on the outside with a bourbon glaze, both meaty and hearty.  The wings, which can be fried, grilled or baked come with a dry rub. Might we suggest the Mango Habanero? not as spicy as it sounds, just a flawless taste.  Add some sauce, they have a few to choose from on or off the wings, whatever you desire.

The AAA Angus brisket, a favorite amongst patrons is so perfectly juicy, just the right amount of seasoning with a sweet-spicy BBQ sauce for a tantalizing taste in your mouth.  Other Smoked mains include Pulled Pork, BBQ Chicken, Ribs and Sausage.  How about a mouth-watering ground angus/prime burger, smoked cheddar, brisket with a morsel of crispy onion rings on the side, rightfully called the Smoke Show Burger.

Some of their Italian heritage with a BBQ essence in brought into the menu.  The Smoked House-Made Chorizo Sausage on a perfect bun with the accompaniments of caramelized onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomato sauce and crispy jalapeno, make for a flavourful party inside your mouth.  Other picks coming from the region include the Mighty Caesar and a Smoked Chicken Alla Vodka. 

What’s BBQ with out some wonderful sides?  The Crazy Slaw is lightly dressed and refreshing, matching well against the saucy mains. There are many other choices but some of the fan favorites include Cheddar Jalapeno Corn Bread, Country Potato Salad and Root Beet Molasses Baked Beans.

For dessert you can order one of the 5 plated desserts on the menu…might we suggest the Warm Churros, it won’t disappoint. 

Smokeshow has great selection of mainstay beers with a curated listing of crafts/IPA’s included.  If beer is not on your palette tonight, there is a fine listing of wines and cocktail pairings.

Smokeshow promises itself to bring back the days of local live bands to this spot after all Rock music is generational and brings everyone together.  Several times a week they will host all types of rock genres – soft, hard, grunge and pop to name a few.  A dancefloor is right in front of the stage for those who want rock out and get a little closer to the band.  The venue also hosts 10 big screen TV’s bringing all the sporting events you can imagine along with a pool table.  Whether a band is playing or not, rock is always flowing thru the air.

Some come on down for a full night of enjoyment, it’s a one stop shop.  Stayed tuned for event listings on FB, IG and twitter.  Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.